Groppi House will offer a wide variety of consulting services.

Tutoring: A learner meets with a mentor to enhance learning.   We hope to offer small group drop-in tutoring on particular topics of difficulty to many students, peer tutoring, to provide opportunities for students to share what they know with others, and teacher-led tutoring.

Course Design/Mentoring:  We’ll help you to feel comfortable teaching!  We will provide individualized counseling to help teachers or homeschooling leaders to brainstorm about a thorny problem, to design course descriptions, and/or to help to enhance lesson plans.   We’ll even design an entire course for you, from scratch, based on your specifications so that you just have to deliver it.

Counseling and Mentoring:  We also hope to offer trained counselors as well as mentors in the areas that Neurodiverse students need most including the transition from formal schooling (or the homeschool environment) to college and/or work.

Training: We also offer neurodiversity training.  Nicole Jenks May, Groppi House President, has presented to librarians, teachers, and police officers on the topic, and can also speak about brain-based differences in the classroom or homeschool environment.  She has also written and presented on how libraries and schools can serve “conservative” (religiously or secular!) families.