We anticipate opening our courses in the Summer of 2017, but may start independent studies a bit sooner.

Here’s some information about what we have planned:

Independent Studies:  These are courses where a student works at his or her own place and sends regular e-mail correspondence to a teacher about his or her reading.  Courses can be modified to meet individual needs including the addition of weekly (or biweekly) Skype chats with the teacher and/or end projects such as papers, fan fiction, computer game design, or whatever excites an individual learner.  For our (anticipated) faqs about Independent Studies, click here.

Clubs:  These are “classes” in which one or more adult facilitators volunteer their time and talent to lead a group.  The curriculum is set by the members and could be a book club, a computer programming club, gaming club, science club, and so on.  There are no grades for clubs, but facilitators might write letters of recommendation and/or provide information about the club’s activities so a parent can turn the activity into a homeschool elective credit.

Classes: These classes are designed by the teacher and may be taught in a variety of styles.  Our default class format will be three weeks in duration with the idea that students will typically only take one or two at a time.  By offering more intense courses, we hope to take advantage of the Neurodiverse brain’s ability to hyperfocus on topics for shorter bursts of time.  In addition, students today, whether homeschooled or traditionally schooled, are busy people and three-week windows make it easier to plan to be available! We will offer some semester-long and year-long courses for those who prefer to learn in that manner.

  • Live, Synchronous with Skype, an online video “calling” software (the class meets once or twice a week to have live discussions around a given topic)
  • Asynchronous with Slack (Super-enhanced instant-messaging software that allows users to easily collaborate on a variety of projects).
  • Combined: Some Live Skype classes with Slack use as well